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Natural Multi-cat Scoopable Litter
Two 21-lb. recyclable containers

Your litter box is virtually undetectable with this premium, scoopable litter. Multi-cat formula assures long-lasting, superior odour control.

The 100% natural clay is non-toxic and hard clumping for easier scooping with less mess. Low-track formula means less mess outside the box, too.

Price: $24.00 CAD
Natural Clumping Pine Cat Litter
One 7.73 kg bag

Biodegradable quick clumping litter eliminates all odors.

Usually one sniff and guests know you have a cat. Not any more. Pine litter outperforms clay-clumping litter, eliminating all odours and leaving your cat's litter box with a fresh pine scent. Quick clumping. Biodegradable.

Price: $18.99 CAD

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