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Is British Shorthair the right breed for me?

If you're looking for a cat that will loot your refrigerator and swing dizzily from your chandeliers, then the British Shorthair is not for you. Brits are quiet, even-tempered, undemanding cats with a bit of typical British reserve, particularly when they're first introduced. When they get over their initial shyness, however, they become extremely faithful companions. British Shorthairs tend to show their loyalty to the entire family rather than select one person with whom to bond. We and other British Shorthair breeders we know describe Brits as cats that like to keep a low profile, sweet and affectionate but not clingy "in-your-face" type cats. They tend to be independent and if left on their own can usually adapt quite well. That being said, here is an online quiz which should help you make a choice.

When can we take our British Shorthair kitten home?

Kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are 12 weeks old. By the time they are ready to leave our house they are litter trained, eat solid foods, know to use scratching posts and not the furniture and completely independent from their mom. Even after the kittens have left we are always happy to answer any questions or help in any way we can with the kitten's welfare. Naturally, we are always pleased to hear how well the kitten is, both in settling into its new home and throughout its adult life.

How can I pay the adoption fee?

We take cash and personal checks. Payment also can be made via Interac email money transfer. We do not accept PayPal, or any other form of electronic payments.

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By Iryna Moriyama