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Visit to Bonya
April 17 2010 8:20 pm

Almost 6 months ago on Saturday, October 24th, after busy day at fall cat show in Calgary we got back home where Michelle had a beautiful gift for us - her second litter. Today, also Saturday, first day of spring cat show this time, we got an email from Bonya's family (one of the boys from the very same litter) inviting us to visit him. Well, we missed him dearly and were thinking about him a lot, so we accepted the invitation and went to see Bonya for the first time since he was adopted.

I have to say for those of you who don't know - Bonya is a very special kitten for us. When he was 10 days old he got sick, to the point where all our vets gave up on him, preparing us to make uneasy decision, one we could not ever make. We never quit on him and he got better. By the age of 3 months we knew he is going to live, not only that but he fully recovered when he was 4 months old. Understandably he was behind his siblings in terms of physical development, but we were fortunate to find a wonderful family for him.

It is with enormous amount of pride and joy we present our special baby boy, growing fast and developing great.

PS: First day of the show was good, I will write about it later, today Bonya takes the headlines :)

News from Ivy
April 1 2010 8:58 pm
Dexter and Ivy
Dexter and Ivy

It is always great to hear from our babies and especially receive their pictures. Today we heard from Ivy and were very pleased to find out she is being a wonderful pet and her parents have decided to get her a little brother. Dexter, bi-color boy, is from our friends and colleagues' cattery Magnacatta in Red Deer, AB, who we will most likely see in a couple of weeks at the spring cat show in Calgary.

New Girls in Town
January 26 2010 10:30 pm

Today we picked up two new girls from Calgary International Airport. Mia came from Toronto and Hailee flew all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel.


Both girls are doing fine, already adjusted to their new home and other cats. We are very happy with both of them.

Mia is blue bi-color, her coat is wonderful, soft and plush with very nice pattern. Hailee is chocolate spotted tabby. To the best of our knowledge she is the only one like this in North America.

Michelle and Babies
November 18 2009 5:05 pm
Michelle and Babies
Michelle and Babies

I am sure most of you probably wonder how Michelle and the babies are doing and why we are not posting any updates and new pictures of the litter? Well we've been pretty busy lately, but I am happy to report that mom and kids are doing great. Kittens are 3.5 weeks old now and already starting to run around the nursery room. They are all extremely cute and playful. Michelle eats a lot to keep up with kittens need for her milk, she does a great job taking care of her second litter, I think she just gets better at being a mom, if it is even possible as she was pretty good to begin with.

I am hoping to take more individual pictures of the litter and post them in the next couple of days.

SACCF 2009 Fall show
November 1 2009 7:45 pm
Cat Show
Benjamin and Kostya

It was truly an unforgettable show. First of all Ben was doing very good and got his Grand Champion (GC) and then Double Grand Champion (DGC) titles. All three kittens from Litter 1 were at the show, Max and Sky on Saturday and Mia on Sunday. All three performed quite well, even though they were younger then their competition. All three were called into finals, Max was best kitten and Sky was 3rd best kitten in specialty rinks. Mia was 10th best kitten in albreed rink. It is kind of difficult to explain what we were feeling when our babies were in the spotlight, but overwhelming pride probably comes quite close to being an accurate description.

But to top it all up Michelle, who could not compete due to her pregnancy, delivered 5 healthy babies on Saturday evening, two boys and three girls.

Sky's Thanksgiving adventures
October 13 2009 9:30 pm
Sky 3.5 months old

Sky, just like her brother perhaps, is drawn to water. But she does not stop there. She likes fire too. What a girl. Here is what Chris wrote me couple of days ago (I hope she doesn't mind me posting it here).

Sky 3.5 months old
Sky camping

"...She [Sky] has turned out to be so beautiful. Had a scare with her today, she got a bit too close to the ledge of the bathtub when Christian was in having a bath and in she went!!!!! We could here Christian screaming and water splashing-I'm sure I made it from our living room to the bathtub in less then 2 seconds, I FLEW up the stairs! He managed to help her out just as I got there and got all scratched up-poor kid. I guess she hopped up on his towel and then the towel and her fell into the tub! She was scared and soaked-they do look funny all wet LOL. And I towel dried her as best as I could, turned the heat up in the house AND put the fireplace on and curiosity got the best of her then too and she burnt her nose on the glass of the fireplace-what a day! It's not burnt per say but she jumped when she touched it..."

She was the explorer (should have named her Dora) from the moment she opened her eyes and she continues to be one :)

News from Max
October 13 2009 7:10 pm
Max 4 months old
Max playing with trains
Green Light

We got news from Max today. He is doing great. Getting prepared for the fall show at the end of this month. He loves to play with water and balls made out of tinfoil, sometimes one in the other, sometimes separatly. But his all time favourite so far is the train going through the tunnel. Boys will be boys.

New website design
October 8 2009 1:05 pm

After a year of using WordPress we've decided to completely rebuild our website. So here is the new look for Soft Paws Cattery home. In addition to everything we had with the old version now our waiting list is available online as well.

Halloween "back to back" show
October 1 2009 2:10 pm

Once again Southern Alberta Calgary Cat Fanciers are hosting their Halloween "back to back" show on the weekend of October 24th-25th. Benjamin will be bringing his kids over to compete in kitten rinks. We also will be bringing our newest addition to the female side of our cattery.

SACCF 2009 Spring TICA Show Results
June 24 2009 7:58 pm
Congratulations to Benjamin and Michelle as they both received their Champion (CH) titles.
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